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Carrier Company Drives Today’s Trucking Trend – Snyder Trucking

Carrier Company Drives Today’s Trucking Trend

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Carrier Company Drives Today’s Trucking Trend: Ceva Calling all Owner/Operators Nationwide

There is a new trend in today’s trucking industry; carrier companies subcontracting independent owner/operators to move their freight. With more companies seeing the benefits, owner/operator positions are on the rise and many drivers are seeing the advantages to this as well. While there are more costs associated with owning your own truck, there is also more money making potential and more freedom as well, a chief concern amongst truck-drivers today. Ceva is one carrier that meets the needs of today’s truck drivers and is teaming up with TruckingUnlimited.com, to call all drivers nationwide.Ceva Logistics

Owner operators are becoming the backbone of the trucking industry and today; one in nine trucks on the road are operating independently. As opposed to company drivers who are hired as employees, drive company trucks and obliged to runs per company orders, owner operators are truckers who own the trucks they drive. While some may own multiple trucks and hire drivers to work for them, others work as free agents contracting various types of arrangements with carrier companies. In recent years, there has been a tendency for fleet owners to downsize the number of trucks they own and subcontract hauls to independent contractors, not only saving the costs of maintaining multiple vehicles but still having the advantage of retaining control over customer freight invoices.

Being an owner operator has its benefits as well. One major advantage is the potential to make more money than company drivers. In 2011 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average national salary for trucking owner-operators was about $58,000 with some even making as high as $82,000 annually. Another huge benefit for owner operators is having more freedom to work when and how often they choose. With today’s biggest complaint from truck drivers being the amount of time spent away from home, being an owner operator is the ideal solution for many. But there are also disadvantages to being an independent contractor too. In addition to the expense of maintaining and insuring your own commercial vehicle, the freedom factor can also mean too much down time between jobs and not having company benefits or retirement packages.

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Society carrier is pleased to lead the trend transport truck today: CEVA, the call / operator National all owners

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Company drivers and by orders of business, has been hired as an employee of duty series truck driver and the company is different, owner-operators is a truck driver who owns the truck they drive. Has a track some more, might hire a driver that works for them, others will work as the various types of contract free agent contract with the shipping company. Not only saves the cost of maintenance of the vehicle, for they own, to reduce the size of the number of trucks carrying outsourcing to independent contractors, in recent years, there has been a tendency for owners of fleet However, many have the advantage of being able to maintain control over the customer’s freight invoice….

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