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How to Become a Dump Truck Driver – Snyder Trucking
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May 4, 2016
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May 4, 2016

Dump Truck Driver Job Requirements

There are a number of different opportunities for people who delight in driving and want to make an occupation out of it. While some gravitate to a position as over-the-road semi drivers, others find they could please their desire to be behind the wheel by learning ways to become dump truck drivers.

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Dump truck drivers are responsible for handling big trucks that are particularly prepared for carrying and disposing of loose products such as gravel, coal, rock and sand. They help construction business, trucking companies or municipal roadway repair work teams. The ordinary annual income for dump truck drivers, according to Indeed.com, is $37,000. Dump truck driving jobs have some vital requirements.

A CDL is a commercial driver’s license, and you must have this to drive a dump truck. Apply for it and take a written and driving exam with your local driver’s license workplace.

Go to hefty devices driver training. One of the fastest and safest ways to find out how to run heavy equipment such as a dump truck is to attend a training program or school that specializes in hefty devices. Organizations such as the National Heavy Equipment Operators School offer the training you have to locate employment as a dump truck driver in your location. You can also learn how to run other equipment utilized on a building location, which makes you a valuable asset to any sort of company.

If you don’t have the possibility to attend a training program, you could still find out to be a dump truck driver through on-the-job training. These business offer training of their own.


For this type of job, a Class A or Class B industrial driver’s license is called for. Info about these types of licenses and the best ways to get one can be located at one’s regional Department of Motor Vehicle workplace, or online at state DMV websites. To get a CDL, you have to pass a general expertise examination along with an examination specific to the type of industrial car you intend to drive. For dump truck drivers, a dump truck or building vehicle examination could be the required test.


Most employers call for that dump truck drivers hold an existing Department of Transportation medical card. The card is released after passing a physical examination carried out by a certified medical examiner. Contact your primary care doctor to see if he or she will perform this exam, or for a reference. The card, which qualifies you to run a commercial vehicle, benefits up to two years.

Past Experience and Screenings

Previous experience in trucking is an additional important requirement for dump truck drivers. A lot of companies favor workers who have had some previous experience in truck driving, typically a minimum of 2 years.

Prospective employees should additionally have great job references, and have to pass different sorts of employment screenings and drug screening.


Another demand for dump truck drivers is the capacity to check out city maps when required, to obtain where they should choose materials easily and successfully.

They must also hold some knowledge of upkeep and be able to cleanse the autos and equipment when required. The capacity to load and unload equipment and products onto the dump truck is another important requirement. Some companies will need prospective dump truck motorists to hold a valid first aid and CPR accreditation.


A dump truck driver is responsible for running a big machine. This person should possess a commercial driver’s license.

Lifting Material

Dump truck drivers are needed to load the truck both physically and with using equipment. As a result, it is imperative for this expert to be able to hold huge quantities of weight.

Security Standards

A person in this function should have an in-depth expertise and work within the boundaries of all safety laws enforced by an employer along with the law.

Driving Record

A dump truck driver is responsible for maintaining a clean driving record. If a driver’s license is suspended or revoked, the staff member will be incapable to complete work related projects.


Long hours are not a demand of this job; as such, dump truck drivers are expected to appear on time daily, ready to work.

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