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How To Find Trucking Jobs Without Past Experience – Snyder Trucking

How To Find Trucking Jobs Without Past Experience

Truck Driving School & CDL Training – The Key To A New Occupation
April 19, 2016
Trucking Industry – Jobless? Apply Within, Quickly
April 19, 2016

If you want to find trucking jobs without past experience you are in luck. Trucking jobs are in demand and you can actually be paid while you complete your basic training. If you’ve been discouraged by looking at online job posting websites and only finding entry level jobs that require a college degree you don’t need to be worried. You can find a good paying trucking job that would be considered a good entry level job for almost any college graduate. In fact, truck drivers are in such high demand that they are one of the highest paid entry level positions available without a college degree. One of the best parts of this opportunity for new people to the workforce is they won’t have to waste four to six years of their life plus go into massive debt to pay for a degree. The day you take your first trucking job you will start earning.

You can easily find trucking company training programs that pay their new drivers during training. If you want to know how to find trucking jobs without past experience that is one of the best ways. The benefits don’t stop at free training though. With a little hard work you will find you can earn more than most college graduates with your truck driving job. It is not unusual to hear of trucking jobs paying $50,000 or more per year to truckers with only 6 months experience, and that is if you want to be home every day. You could search for jobs for a long, long time and not find an entry level position that will pay that amount without a degree or experience. Another advantage of a trucking job is the amount of freedom you enjoy during your work day. No other job can match it. Once you start your trucking job search you’ll see that there are lots of jobs available and many different types of opportunities in the trucking industry to choose from. If you are concerned about job security you shouldn’t be. All you need is a little experience and a CDL and you will find work whenever you want to work.

Service men, women get leg up on trucking – military CDL law

An act to make it easier for military personnel to obtain CDLs and find employment once they leave the service was signed into law Friday.

According to the Truckload Carriers Association, there are some 200,000 long-haul CDL jobs available across the country, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that more than 300,000 commercial driver jobs are expected to be created by 2020.

Finding Truck Driver Jobs

The new law allows military personnel to obtain CDLs in the states where they’re stationed.

Previously, states couldn’t issue CDLs to individuals who did not reside there. In most cases, military personnel get their vehicle training at the locations where they are stationed rather than their state of residence.

With the Military CDL Act of 2012, military personnel in active duty, active Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, National Guard and military reserves will be able to get CDLs in the areas where they are stationed, whether or not they are permanent and residents of the state.

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