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May 8, 2016
Oilfield Vacuum and Tanker Truck Driving Jobs
May 8, 2016
Snyder Trucking

I just finished my first day of orientation here at Schneider and I want to share a few things with people that are looking for some info. Orientation curriculum has now changed to at least 3 weeks from 15 days. The class starts at 7 a.m. each morning (most recruiters tell you 8 a.m).

The physical testing is fairly easy, just be sure to breathe! The max heart rate is set high enough for you that you shouldn’t have to worry. (I’m 5’9 and 36 yrs old. My max was 166 a minute and I didn’t get over 120) They only take your blood pressure one time and it’s before beginning the test. I want to also emphasize that while I am very overweight and out of shape I do not have a problem with my blood pressure or heart so be sure to take your meds.

“Smarter Drivers…Better Jobs”

One last thing; they do have a dress code and don’t allow sleeveless shirts, sweatpants, holes in clothing, dirty clothing, expect good hygiene, nothing with curse words or adult content or meaning, suggestive or adult content tattoos must be covered, and no facial piercings.

So today I started being “Schneiderized” by the driver trainer here at the operating center. The day started with learning how to do logbooks then we were assigned to a trainer to take us out to do pre-trip, coupling, basic driving and safety skills, simulator, backing skills, and close maneuvering skills today and tomorrow. The trainer we are currently with does daily evaluations on us and has a HUGE role in determining if we will be hired or not.

Company Drivers who drive for Schneider National have just gotten a new pay package, which will allow them to earn (on average) about $1500-2500 more per year for solo drivers and $3500-4500 more per year for team drivers.

Other advantages to being a Company Driver for Schneider National: an industry leading benefits package; paid training; great mileage pay (loaded or empty); driver referral bonuses; quarterly bonuses; free vision insurance; free life insurance; medical and dental insurance at reduced rates. There are currently driving jobs for Company Drivers (solos and teams) in the following divisions: Van; Dedicated; Tanker; and Glass.

This past January, Schneider National replaced a third of its fleet with 3,000 new trucks that offer collision mitigation system, aerodynamic features and cruise control.

The Wisconsin-based truckload carrier is getting 75 trucks a week off the production line, mostly from Freightliner.

The trucks contain the OnGuard collision mitigation system, which assists drivers in recognizing and responding to scenarios that could lead to a rear-end collision. OnGuard has a forward-looking radar sensor that monitors the distance, speed and deceleration of a vehicle ahead and alerts the driver to take action through an in-cab display.

A warning sounds if there is less than a 3.6 second gap between the truck and the vehicle in front of it. If the driver fails to take appropriate action, the system deactivates the cruise control, depowers the engine and even applies the brakes if necessary to avoid an accident.

The new vehicles also will have aerodynamic features to reduce drag that include wheel covers. Most will offer redesigned fairings and Predictive Cruise Control to improve mileage.

Schneider estimated that the new trucks will save almost 2 million gallons of fuel and cut 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions….

More at Schneider plans fleet upgrade – OverdriveOnline.com

Schneider National is offering $6,000 for tuition reimbursement to qualified driving school graduates. The Green Bay, Wis.-based company says the program will cover the full cost of many truck-driving schools and give drivers a leg up as they enter the industry.

“Schneider National’s tuition reimbursement program helps students overcome a big hurdle in starting a driving career – the cost of attending an accredited truck driving school,” says Mike Hinz, Schneider vice president. “Safety – the heart of our core values and the cornerstone of our commitment to drivers – starts with proper professional training.”

To qualify for the tuition reimbursement program, drivers must be hired by Schneider National within 60 days of graduation. Reimbursement payments of $150 are made monthly, up to $6,000 total. Truck driving school curriculum focuses on developing the foundational skills necessary to earn a CDL and typically is completed in four to eight weeks….

More at Schneider offering $6,000 tuition reimbursement to driving school

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