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Calling those involved in the business of driving for a living as a commercial truck driver, “professional drivers” has led to much of the disrespect people have for the trucking industry and it’s in my opinion, the single most detriment to the way trucking companies view them.

Those involved in the business of driving a commercial vehicle are not professional at all. Professionals are doctors, lawyers, accountants, professors and the like. Truck drivers, be they small business owner operator truckers or truck drivers driving for a company, are tradespeople just like carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, electricians and so on….

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A semi-truck is a tractor or small trailers that are used to deliver freights to different places within a specific town or throughout the country. The jobs related to the semi-truck driving are relatively easy. As these positions does not require much effort and is very profitable .All you have to do is to learn how to drive a semi-truck get a license and start earning about $17-$18 per hour. But if any one wants to increase his earning by starting up a semi-truck driving company some issues should be taken into consideration are discussed below. Continue reading

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