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May 8, 2016
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May 8, 2016

Some occupations pay even more since couple of can do them, some since few are willing to do them and some due to a combo of both. We decided to put together a listing of the leading paying truck driving jobs all over the world, from Ice Road truckers in Alaska to convoy truck drivers in Iraq.

Ice Road Truckers: truck drivers willing and able to tackle the job of the Ice Road Trucker will need to deal with a 414 mile path, 75 % of which is north of the Arctic Circle. They will battle extremely dangerous conditions, constant hurricanes, occasional ‘white outs’ and temperatures reaching -40 levels Celsius. If the seemingly impossible difficulty of the task doesn’t tempt you in itself, then maybe the wage of $ 120,000 + for a 3 month period will!

Dump truck driver in the mining industry: “Mining jobs and the mining sector is the highest paid industry in Australia … within the many mining tasks readily available in the industry, one of the most sought after is that of Truck Driver on a mine website.” [source: jobs.com.au] Driving one of the huge dump trucks taking in the Australian mines (up to 340 tonnes) is most likely one of the few jobs in this market that requires little or no physical labor and is for that reason similarly sought after by both men and women. Yearly wage for this task is in the area of $ 100,000.

Truck driver in Iraq

Driving a truck in Iraq is a task that pays particularly well, from $ 125,000 up to a possible $ 250,000 per year. The obscenely high pay rates are for obvious explanations, the dangers vary from terrorist attacks to kidnapping. “Criss-crossing Iraq, the hundreds of civilian truck drivers who form a “shadow military”, hauling food and materials to military bases, are an appealing target for attacks.” [source: cbsnews.com]

Truly relies on the several things…unless you work as a company driver. If you are a company motorist, pay is based on experience. If you’re an Owner Operator, the very best paying bunches are transporting for the DoD, but you need to get a contract for that. Various other good paying bunches are Fed Ex, pharmaceuticals, United States Mail, and large hauls.

The Highest Paying Truck Driving Job really relies on where you live and exactly how long your willing to be away from house. Some of the highest paid trucking positions are in the oil industry or gas sector, and LTL (less than truck load).

Over The Road Drivers

Long-haul truckers, additionally known as Over The Road Drivers, obtain the greatest pay for their work, but they also work the longest hours. Expect to be far from house for several evenings each week, possibly being on the road for more than a week at a time. You might be expected to unload your shipments, too.

As far as hourly pay, your rate might be lower than exactly what a neighborhood motorist makes. Compare the actual time you work to determine your hourly rate.

Shipment Service Drivers

You may have the ability to get the greatest pay in the sector if you work for a shipment solution business such as UPS or FEDEX. According to a report in “USA Today” about UPS, “Thirty months into the job, the company’s U.S. drivers make leading union scale wages, up to $ 70,000 or more a year.”

Bear in mind that in addition to driving the truck, you have substantial custom service responsibilities that include dropping off packages, obtaining signatures and so forth. Expect to do significant amounts of lifting, holding and walking throughout your day.

Unionized Drivers

Most truck drivers belong to a union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). The best-paying truck driver jobs might be the ones where the workforce is unionized, commanding leading wages and overtime pay.

When comparing pay scales, whether unionized or not, add advantages which should consist of wellness, dental, life, getaway pay and ill pay. Also remember that you will pay union dues which will come out of your paycheck.

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