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Tips for Beginning Your Career as a Truck Driver – Snyder Trucking

Tips for Beginning Your Career as a Truck Driver

Truck Driving Jobs – Tracy Morgan Crash Highlights Safety Concerns
May 4, 2016
High Demand for Truck Driving Jobs
May 4, 2016

6Your think you’re prepared to take the plunge, can you afford to work for yourself, or do you have to work for the man forever? You say to yourself, I see all these big trucks on the roadway, I want to be part of the action, I simply don’t know where to begin, or what to anticipate.

Welcome to the world of driving over the open road. There are a bunch of different ways you could experience the freedom of working for yourself and getting paid for it. The trucking sector is poised to grow considerably. The need to transport and carry goods will always exist, and need will just grow in the years to come. Don’t think your options are restricted to just semi tractor trailer mixes, we’ll go over a wide array of methods you can make a living driving.

The first, and most obvious option, is your basic 18 wheeler. Today’s semi trucks have actually advanced into full fledged luxury automobiles, some having everything including a kitchen area and sink onboard. Your common cabin design will surely have a big bed, electric cooler for food storage space, and color TELEVISION. This would be thought of as the bare minimum. The upgrades to this are almost countless. Some specialized haulers have extra weight capacity (their lots are usually light) enabling them to add on an expanded living quarters. These could consist of a complete restroom (with shower), complete kitchen, add on generator and environment control so they don’t run costly at night when sleeping. So how do you obtain one of these devices you ask? Simple, you have two choices, owner operator or work for someone else who owns the truck.

Company drivers have the advantage that they do not have to pay for the truck themselves, or pay for repairs and upkeep. That’s all well and good, bu the downside is you will make less cash. Not to say you will not make a great living, company drivers still get paid pretty well.A company expects that ┬áthe truck is moving all the time, they do not earn money when it sits still. The typical for driving time of a truck driver working for a company is 3-4 weeks on the road with a couple of days rest max. You could forget having an at home life, your whole presence simply becomes the road.

However, if you decide to buy your own truck, and you feel you’re far enough ahead in the dollar department that you could manage to park it for a week, it’s all good because you are the one making the truck payments, paying for the fuel, and accountable for service and repair. The pay you will receive in this case is a bit higher per mile. The only problem is you’ll have to go out and finance the truck on your own.

Hot Shot Trucking is a term given to smaller sized trucks that carry less than 40,000 pounds. The most usual rig would be a 1-ton Diesel Dually pickup with a 40′ goose-neck trailer. These rigs could haul up to about 20,000 pounds relying on the weight of the empty truck and trailer. With this type of smaller rig you can still get into full-time trucking, as an owner operator. With all the freedom and tax benefits of being self employed, you can get into a rig at a more reasonable cost. A brand-new diesel pickup will run you about $ 40,000 and a trailer about $ 7,000. Costly, yes, but a whole lot less expensive then a big rig. There are a lot of nation wide companies you can lease to with this size rig. ACME Trucking, ACE Trucking, Western American Specialized Transportation, are simply a couple. A fast search on the Internet will bring up many even more. I personally worked for ACME Trucking from their Cedar Hill Terminal just south of Dallas TX. It was a great experience that worked well for both them and I. Three years over the road gave me pause when ever I wanted it, and enabled me to see about 2/3 of the country.

The one primary downside in this kind of truck is lack of individual space. I advise purchasing a complete 4 door model of pickup. You can set up the back seat area as a nearly comfy room area. You could need to sleep at a bit of an angle as pickup cabs aren’t large enough to extend. It’s not a bad compromise though as I found many of my trips were one day out and one day back. Sometimes I went far away being gone from home 6 or 7 days, however that was about the max. On rare events ACME sent out a truck as away as Alaska, but that was an unusual one.

You do need to be somewhat of a wise businessman when getting into this business. I saw one man lease a diesel pickup and get into trucking with it. The finance business enticed him to lease it for 4 years with them. ┬áThis was a bad decision; in the end he was stuck driving a tired truck with really high miles and when the lease was up he didn’t even own it.

This is normally a single unit truck with a van box mounted behind a sleeper attached to the cab. This might take some of your flexibility away as most of their work is under contract and is extremely time delicate. A significant advantage is you loose the trailer, any driver on the roadway will inform you its less hassle when there is no trailer.

Still too pricey for your budget plan, or not rather exactly what your looking for? Don’t walk away simply yet. Drive Away business, an additional option, and you do not constantly need to get a truck to do it. All over the nation there are vehicle producers who require there final product provided to dealers. Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Motor homes, truck mounted cranes, specialized building trucks, buses, the list is almost never-ending. Even providing new Peterbuilt trucks is done by a business that is located simply a mile away from the main plant in Denton TX. Where ever new automobiles are developed, there is most likely a drive away company operating close by that handles the deliveries for them. All over the area around Elkorn Indiana are Recreational Vehicle manufacturers. They all have new devices that need to be provided to all corners of the nation, with a 1-ton truck you could provide brand-new travel trailers, and 5th wheel campers. Once again they normally run through a developed drive away company, but they are constantly searching for drivers.

I make certain I have not covered all the choices that level to someone that wants to take a trip the U.S. and get paid for it. These are simply the most typical one that have an established nation wide network. With a little creative thinking I’m sure you could think up a few I have actually missed. Don’t worry if you have no experience, most large trucking companies will provide you all the training you’ll should get you on the road, the down side is you need to commit to driving for them for about a year. Throughout which time your stuck with what tons they wish to give you and what time off you could get. It’s without a doubt a better offer to go out and get the schooling by yourself, then you have the liberty to pick and chose exactly what business you want to work for and if it doesn’t work out with one you can switch. There is constantly a demand for drivers willing to work.

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