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Truck Driver Health Tips While On The Road – Snyder Trucking

Truck Driver Health Tips While On The Road

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April 19, 2016
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Farmer's market, Jul 2009 - 07Semi truckers have the tendency to manage one of the unhealthiest ways of living in modern day working class. The very nature of the work is sitting down. The work in and of itself is somewhat monotonous. Speaking from personal experience, it is easy to eat when someone is bored.

One particular of the aspects you encounter is truck stops. They are an convenient place for a truck driver. In one stop, you can fuel, shower, eat and perhaps even have your truck worked on (maintenace and repair wise). As a result, if some of those things are in one place, you save time by stopping there in contrast to a great many places. However, if you could add one more stop to your list that could save you weight and provide you real nutrition, and then perhaps you can work it in.

Working as a social worker I saw a number of former truckers who were having health issues related to long hours on the road. Many of these truck drivers were having trouble with low back pain having one of two causes.

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The first problem is low back pain from sitting for hours…and hours…and hours. It’s partly caused by not getting sufficient exercise for the lower body. The other is bladder issues and the resulting kidney problems that are caused by not emptying the bladder frequently enough. Holding it perpetually is bad for your kidneys. Who knew? And this can get really serious. People who commute long distances can also have these troubles, but truckers are particularly vulnerable just because they spend so much time in the driver’s seat of the big trucks….

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