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Trucking Drivers Wanted – Find a Job in 2013 – Snyder Trucking

Trucking Drivers Wanted – Find a Job in 2013

Quick Trucking Jobs – Get Hired With These Tips for 2013
May 4, 2016
Listing of Different Types of Truck Driving Occupations
May 4, 2016

Employers Desperate To Fill Truck-Driving Jobs

Tribe Transportation is a growing company that just added 10 new trucks to its tractor-trailer fleet. The problem has been hiring people to drive them.

So far the Georgia-based company has filled four of the jobs, leaving six vacancies. The new hires are mostly veteran truckers in their 50s, men who probably won’t spend too many more years behind the wheel, said Matt Handte, Tribe’s executive vice president for sales and operations.

“It blows my mind that I’m looking for that many people and I can’t find them,” said Handte, who’s also struggling to hire logistics brokers who line up freight transportation for customers such as PepsiCo, H.J. Heinz Co. and General Mills. “They aren’t lined up at the door.”

Even amid a struggling economy with high unemployment, trucking companies had a tough time hiring young drivers willing to hit the road for long hauls. Now as the economy recovers and demand for goods increases, the U.S. is speeding toward a critical shortage of truck drivers in the next few years, an expert in the inner-workings of supply chains said in a report Tuesday.

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U.S. companies are expected to create more than 115,000 truck driver jobs per year through 2016, but the number of Americans getting trained to fill those jobs each year is barely 10 percent of the total demand, said Page Siplon, executive director of the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics.

“Trucking accounts for how we move 80 percent of cargo in our nation” said Siplon, whose center is part of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “If we don’t have enough workers, it’s going to be slower and more costly to move products. If I can’t move as much product to the shelves as I want to, the cost to consumers goes up.”…

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Two F/T Motor Truck Driver Positions-Chelsea Campus

Operate twelve and fifteen passenger van and forty five passenger bus between the Charlestown and Chelsea campuses, load and unload materials, equipment and supplies.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources Division Classification Specification for Motor Truck Driver may be obtained at the Human Resources Office or at:



  • Requires current and valid Massachusetts CDL license with passenger endorsement
  • Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations
  • Clean driving record required
  • Proven ability to work with a diverse, faculty, staff and student population


F/T SALARY: $569.00/wk

CLOSING DATE: December 13, 2012

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The trucking industry uses its own specific terms to communicate within the industry and to the freight industry at large. There are terms for all of the tools, gear, drivers and other workers who are associated with trucking. Just like any other industry, the trucking industry has borrowed terms from other places, like calling the legs that support the front of a semi-trailer the “landing gear,” which is a common term in the airplane industry.

A back-haul is moving freight from the destination point back to point of origin. If a trucker takes a load from point A to point B, the back haul is a load going from point B back to point A.

Bill of Lading
A bill of lading is the shipping document that transfers the title, or ownership, of the freight from one party to another.

A bobtail is a tractor that operates without a trailer. This also refers to a straight truck or “a two axle truck with the van permanently attached to the chassis,” according to the Internal Revenue Service.

The chassis of a truck is long, thin steel frame on wheels, according to the IRS. This attaches to the truck in order to haul containers. The chassis weight is the weight of the truck without a load on it or occupants in it. The chassis weight is also known as the tare weight….

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