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Ways to Get Dump Truck Driving Jobs and Salary Data – Snyder Trucking

Ways to Get Dump Truck Driving Jobs and Salary Data

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February 10, 2013
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March 16, 2013

Dump truck driving jobs can be discovered in numerous outlets, and all you need to get them is a CDL and a clean driving record. If you’ve got both, follow these steps to find and secure dump truck driving jobs.

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that all drivers of dump trucks obtain a Class B industrial driver’s licenses to run a dump truck on an interstate or road. Because of this qualification, dump truck drivers generally earn more than drivers of light trucks. Dump truck drivers most frequently operate in the construction business, however also may be employed with mining and other excavation operations.

“Smarter Drivers…Better Jobs”

Try to find dump truck driving jobs with construction companies. Dump truck driving jobs are essential to building work sites and are required for relocating material to, from, and around work sites. If you’re after this kind of dump truck job, you’re going to stay busy with work.

Dump truck driving jobs can also be found at dump sites. It appears apparent enough, however dump sites will most definitely have a need for dump truck drivers.

Search for dump truck driving jobs for the county you live in. These dump truck drivers are the ones who keep our areas clean by clearing our trash cans and moving it someplace where it can be managed securely.

Apply for dump truck driving jobs at recycling centers. These professionals are on the greener side of things and do the exact same thing as a normal truck driver would do, except with products suggested to be recycled.

Ordinary Salaries

The average dump truck driver’s yearly salary as of December 2011 is $40,000, according to Indeed.com. Numerous drivers are paid on a per hour basis, nonetheless, and their pay is generally indexed by annualized salary as opposed to hourly salary. Dump truck drivers could anticipate per hour earnings in between $12.44 and $17.56, as of December 2010, according to PayScale.com. Because of overtime profits, the typical per hour worker dump truck driver earns in between $28,883 and $44,725.

By Experience

Dump truck drivers’ salary possible grows with the many years they spend behind the wheel. Those with less than a year’s experience could earn as little as $9.72 per hour, as of December 2011, according to PayScale.com. Those with one to 4 years’ experience could anticipate hourly salaries between $11.92 and $16.21. In between five and 19 years experience, motorists’ salaries vary in between $12.04 and $17.86, while veterans with more than 20 years in the driver’s seat might appreciate earnings as high as $19.14 per hour.

By Location

Dump truck drivers might make more in huge city locations than in outlying ones: 80 percent of the salary varies reported by area by Salary Expert list incomes above $40,000. Dump truck drivers in Nashville, Tennessee, command the smallest average annual salaries of those surveyed, at $39,944 as of December 2011. The most rewarding city to drive a dump truck is Atlanta, where the average annual earnings were $45,897, although those in Boston — $44,948 — and Phoenix — $44,108 — also fared much better than those driving in many cities.

By Industry

A number of different sectors of the economic climate rely upon dump trucks to relocate materials, and they compensate drivers in a different way. Drivers who operate in rock quarries and other nonmetal extraction industries fare the worst, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook reporting median incomes at $16.55 as of May 2011. Drivers operating in building of roadways and bridges earned a little more, netting $17.49 per hour usually. Coal mines are the most beneficial to drivers’ wages, paying $20.27 per hour.

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