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August 31, 2016
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How to Become a CDL Tanker Truck Driver
September 23, 2016

As if a career as a professional owner operator CDL truck driver isn’t challenging enough, the thought of trying to conduct an efficient job search at the same time can be an overwhelming proposition. Attempting to maintain a positive job search attitude while trying to navigate your way though a myriad of trucking companies recruiting platforms can be overwhelming and frustrating. The end result is that some will give up, throw in the towel and forget trying to upgrade their standard of living and find the best CDL truck driving jobs.

Well here’s a secret that might really shock you. Did you know that most trucking companies use multiple sources to recruit and fill their best truck driving jobs? Many of the best truck driver jobs in America are snagged by fellow truck drivers long before the job opportunity ever made it to the marketplace. Unusual, you say? Not really. It’s actually very common in most other industries but those are career marketplaces with fewer openings and significantly more talent available than there are jobs to fill.

It is believed that up to 80,000 truck driver job positions are available today. However, there are only about 15%-20% of those that would be considered the “best” truck driving jobs. In order to stay connected to what’s happening and have the best opportunity to land one of these jobs you need is a set of eyes and ears keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry while you’re out making a living to support your family. And the best part is that these eyes and ears are paid for by the very companies looking to fill the best CDL truck driving jobs in America.

Listen carefully! Advance your career and grab the truck driver job you deserve.

The single most important step to maximizing your career job search and to have the best chance to grab the premium trucking jobs is to enlist a professional recruiter.


Specifically, one that has good standing relationships with the best trucking companies. He/she should have more than 5 years experience in successfully placing independent owner operators in the highest paying CDL truck driving jobs. A professional recruiter has established contacts throughout the trucking industry and can work for you while you are making a living managing your business. There are thousands of professional recruiters and a certain percentage of them work in the trucking industry.

Are there different types of recruiters for different types of trucking companies?

Absolutely. When dealing with a professional recruiter you will find two types of recruiters. There are those that will charge you a fee to market your skills to several trucking companies and/or the highest bidder. Or, there are recruiters who are paid by the trucking companies to bring them the best qualified candidates to fill their truck driving jobs.

Why should I enlist with a professional recruiter? There are five key reasons to consider and enlist a professional recruiter.

Indeed Truck Jobs

They have industry contacts you would only dream of having. A successful professional recruiter spends a large amount of time networking with trucking companies and hiring managers.

They will review and help prepare a professional resume with quality references. This is one of the biggest benefits you will find in dealing with a professional recruiter. If this service is not offered to you, move on to the next office.

They will help with preparing for pre-employment screening tests including background checks and credit checks. Professional recruiters know what perspective trucking companies are looking for in new hires. They will guide you and advise you on how to stand out above the crowd.

highest-paying-otr-companies.jpgThey will prepare you for the interview. A seasoned recruiter will have an established relationship with the person who will be interviewing you for the position. This will provide you a great advantage over your peers.

They should help you prepare and present a well organized portfolio of success. By presenting an organized portfolio of your accomplishments as a professional truck driver, you will not only knock the socks of the future employer, but you will have positively impacted the level of compensation package that will likely be presented to you.

What should you do before you contact a professional recruiter? Get your financial and legal affairs in order before you apply for your dream job. Professional truck drivers with clean driving history, good credit and good citizens of the community are worth their weight in gold. Trucking companies will pay a significant premium to hire these individuals so you will be a very valuable asset to a reputable recruiter.

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