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Choosing a Truck Driving Job That Fits You – Snyder Trucking

Choosing a Truck Driving Job That Fits You

Truck Driver Training – What You Should Know Ahead Of Time
May 8, 2016
What is a Good Truck Driver Job Description
May 8, 2016

You’ll locate that there isn’t really too much of a distinction between driving for a completely dry van carrier vs a refrigerated carrier, yet drawing a tanker or a flatbed is a whole various point completely. There are some substantial distinctions in between the lifestyles and the job tasks of flatbed and tanker drivers.


Pulling a flatbed is a special way to make a living in trucking, as well as if you ask any individual that does it they’ll tell you there’s nothing simple concerning it. It has its moments for sure, but total many people that make their living this means enjoy the physical job, and delight in the unique difficulties that come along with it.

Several of the distinctions are evident – you need to utilize bands or chains to hold down your tons, and also most of the times you have to tarp the load to protect it from the aspects. These jobs are often tedious at most ideal, difficult a lot of the time, and there are a variety of guidelines and also regulations that control the methods utilized to protect your load. The DOT guidelines loosely define the sorts of equipment you should utilize, together with several of the methods you must make use of to protect the load. As well as think me, the DOT is viewing closely!

I used to be relieved anytime I pulled into an evaluate terminal and there was a flatbed ahead of me. Chances are, if the DOT is interested in checking someone out, the flatbeds usually times go. I drew completely dry van the substantial majority of my years when driving, and also we were far less intriguing to the DOT compared to the flat beds, for evident factors.

The work of securing and releasing your tons is quite physical, and also commonly times quite hard. The straps, chains, and also tarps are fairly heavy and also usually times you are out in the climate getting the load secured or released by on your own.

Now there are some benefits to pulling a flatbed. Often times the lots as well as the tractor you have are far much shorter in height than your conventional trucks, so it’s much simpler to fit under reduced links in the cities. There’s constantly a new difficulty, a range of different kinds of loads to secure, as well as there’s a little bit of a friendship among the flatbed vehicle drivers.

Fluid Tankers

Now I drew a food-grade tanker for a year one-time as well as I actually enjoyed it. I never drew a chemical tanker and also I was never also thinking about doing so. I had not been as well big on the concept of being around a bunch of dangerous materials or pulling HAZMAT tons very typically.

Food quality tankers are fascinating. There are no baffles in the container, so there is absolutely nothing to keep the fluids from sloshing around. It takes a little bit of time to learn how you can move the truck due to the fact that the fluid sloshing will certainly propelled or slow down the truck sufficient that the shift won’t execute at the speed you’re now going. You have to “time” your shifts so as to get rolling. It’s no big deal – yet it takes some method.

You also have to be extra cautious on slick roadways, subsequently, when stopping. That fluid steps everywhere and also you have to always recognize just what it’s going to do prior to you attempt steering the truck. If you try to make too hostile of a step, you don’t obtain too many second possibilities.

Additionally, you need to obtain the container rinsed after nearly every lots. This can take a bunch of added time, as well as mean a lot of added playing around in between tons. But, at times it’s a relief because a two hr snooze is just exactly what the doctor got!

Finally, you do have to aid dump the truck at times by connecting some tubes. The majority of liquid tankers additionally have hydraulic pumps on the back and at times you’ll have to run the pump to discharge the tank. Once more, it’s not a big deal, yet it features the territory.

The advantages to pulling a fluid tanker are that the crosswinds stream around the storage tank perfectly, you don’t need to bother with getting your axle weights adjusted because the liquid is self-balancing, and most of the tractors as well as tanks are relatively short in height, so reduced bridges typically aren’t as much of a concern.

Most brand-new vehicle drivers won’t be taking care of companies that haul bulk deliveries in dry tankers, like sugar, sand, as well as flour, however there isn’t excessive of a distinction in the job as well as lifestyle from that of a liquid tanker. There are even more regional jobs for dry bulk tankers though compared to there more than the roadway jobs.

As you could see, there are some substantial distinctions in job responsibilities and also way of lives if you’re going to be pulling a tanker or a flatbed vs a dry van or a chilled trailer.

In the final part of our collection we’re going to speak about among the most effective ways to discover if a company you are considering driving for is one you may be delighted with.


Photo credit: jambox998 via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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