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How to Land a Trucking Job You’ll Hate in 2013 – Snyder Trucking

How to Land a Trucking Job You’ll Hate in 2013

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May 8, 2016
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5-3-TBSafety-DriverYou’ll find a lot of short articles out there providing insight on ways to get a better job in trucking. This one focuses on ways to ensure you’ll get one you’ll hate (or end up disliking the one you’ve got). The 7 actions right here are guaranteed to land you a trucking job you’ll hate, so beware!

1. Jump at Your First Job Offer.

Many times, trucking companies work with trucking schools. Some of these trucking businesses will employ you and put you through school. There are some great trucking businesses out there, however the industry standard is that recruiters lie – they’ll guarantee you the world. If you don’t take the time to consider your options very carefully, you are likely to wind up with a trucking business that offers average pay, very little benefits and a bad work environment. Even if you end up with free education, it might not be a great deal when you look at the big pictures. If you want to hate your job, jump in head initially without looking around.

2. Jump into a Lease Purchase Program.

If you want real headaches, get a truck with a company lease purchase program. You’ll have all the costs of an owner driver and none of the perks of a business driver. Sure, you’ll get a fuel surcharge and rebate prices with the majority of businesses that provide this program; however, they still own the truck – you can’t simply stop your lease and take your truck to a better-paying company. You’ll discover that a lot of lease acquisition payments are ludicrously high. In lots of cases, you’ll be paying more to lease the truck than you would to buy it outright.

3. Stop Your First Job Right Away.

Trucking companies are used to drivers who give up, and they don’t like them. Quit your first job (especially without giving any notice) if you want to make sure that you won’t get employed again by a good business. Great trucking companies like drivers who stick with it- they’ll appreciate a driver who dedicates at least 6 months to the job before deciding to look elsewhere.

4. Appear like a Slob.

If you insist on tarnished t-shirts, sweat trousers and flip flops, you’ll discover that individuals will typically treat you like a loser. Truckers who lack positive social interactions have a tendency to hate their jobs.

5. Establish a Bad Attitude.

No one can whine like a truck driver. Dispatchers, co-workers and CEOs have heard every grievance, insult and reason there is. A driver with a favorable attitude is tough to find. Many drivers start out with a good mindset. If you wish to be treated inadequately, develop a bad attitude. Become an unfavorable individual. You’ll get lots of bad attitude in return- and you’ll dislike your job.

6. Be an Unreliable Driver.

When you’re a truck driver, making your shipments on time is right up there with being accident free. Dispatchers will keep an eye on you to see to it you’re on time – they will make certain you’re not lagging behind timetable. If you consistently make your dispatcher stress over whether you’re going to make your visit, you’re going to be thought of as a problem driver. Problem drivers don’t get the gravy runs and don’t get the luxury of breathing space. They wind up looking for another job.

7. Be a Careless Driver.

Even if a business number is not on the side of your truck, most business phone numbers can be found easily by doing a Google search of the company name and city. If you’re a negligent driver, your fellow drivers on the road will make it known and you’ll discover that the only trucking job you’ll be able to land is one you’ll dislike.

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