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Reviews on Schneider Trucking and Other Top Companies – Snyder Trucking

Reviews on Schneider Trucking and Other Top Companies

Truck Driver Rights & Sales Tax Exemption
May 16, 2016
Best Trucking Jobs in America
September 21, 2016

Reviews of some of the Top Trucking Companies


  • “Friendly environement good work life balance” (in 15 reviews)

  • Good benefits good time at home” (in 25 reviews)

  • Good people you can talk to anyone if you have a question” (in 22 reviews)

  • “If i need home time than i’ll be home” (in 22 reviews)

  • Great people to work with, paid for performance bonuses, well maintain equipment and plenty of miles given” (in 20 reviews)


  • Work life balance is non-existent there” (in 17 reviews)

  • Low pay, tough to move up due to tenured employees” (in 20 reviews)

  • “Company favors the corporate location in Green Bay above all other locations” (in 17 reviews)

  • “Pay was also low and it always feels like you’re just a number” (in 7 reviews)

  • “Pay could be better for all the time your away from home and all the miles your putting in, sometimes it makes you feel like its not worth” (in 6 reviews)

Schneider Trucking Benefits

Eligibility for Medical Benefits:

Drivers are eligible for health care benefits 60 days from date of hire for experienced drivers and 1st of the month 90 days after hire for new CDL holders.

Paid Time Off:

  • 1 year of service = 1 week paid time off
  • 2 years of service = 2 weeks paid time off
  • 7 years of service = 3 weeks paid time off
  • 15 years of service = 4 weeks paid time off

Detention and Layover Pay:

Schneider offers both layover and detention pay.

Advantage Club:

After five years of service with Schneider, driver associates are admitted into the Advantage Club. This club recognizes you for your hard work and loyalty.

As a club member, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a variety of sporting events, such as NFL games or NASCAR races, dinners and many other unique opportunities all paid by Schneider to include travel, hotel and food. In 2013, a selected group of club members took a ride in a blimp and toured Goodyear’s production plant in Akron.

401k Program:

Matching contributions up to 6%. 1%-4% Schneider matches $.50 per dollar, 5%-6% Schneider matches dollar for dollar.

Military Pay and Benefits:

Schneider will continue to pay active duty military members who are involuntarily activated or deployed for up to 18 months, minus military pay.

Discount Program:

Schneider drivers and associates enjoy year-round discounts and special offers from hundreds of national and local companies. The program includes everything from cellphones and vehicles to restaurants and movie tickets.

Financial, Legal, Adoption and Insurance Benefits:

Other Schneider benefits include financial planning and debt management service, access to family legal and CDL protector plans, adoption assistance and discounts on home, auto and personal accident insurance.

Other companies worth checking out:

  • Crete Carrier
  • B. Hunt
  • Old Dominion Freight
  • Southeastern Freight Line
  • Arkansas Best


You can get a trucking job with a felony record. Always be honest about your history when you apply because Federal regulations require that trucking employers have to check your background thoroughly before they hire you, and they will reject your application based on any undisclosed negative information.

Businesses that hire drivers with felony convictions either have time limits or make case-by-case hiring decisions. For example, J.B. Hunt and Crete Carriers will accept drivers with convictions from more than ten years ago. In most cases, misdemeanors will have no impact on hiring decisions.

Trucking is a heavily regulated industry. So, perhaps it is not surprising that hiring departments see things in very similar ways. Also, trucking jobs might vary by how much time you spend away from home, but you still play the same role whether you are driving a rig across the nation or hustling through a daily delivery route, but the requirements and skills involved are common to all. So, once you start to gain experience you can find the right role and settle in for the long haul.

Trucking is a great career, even when the requirements are demanding, and the pressure is on to perform, it is still an excellent way to make a living. Hopefully, these tips show you that, once you get your trucking career on the right track, you will have all of the satisfaction that you want out of it on a daily basis.

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