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Overseas Truck Driving Jobs List
September 27, 2016
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October 1, 2016
trucking companies that train their drivers

Commercial Drivers License or CDL is essential to becoming a truck driver. CDL Training is very important to becoming a certified truck driver. Here, we take a look at some of the specifics of this training and what customers can expect to find in the training and the benefits of going through this process.

Many of the top truck driving companies actually offer paid CDL Training to their employees. This can offer a great benefit to drivers who are able to avoid the cost of the training and still get access to all the tips and more. The only caveat is that the employees will often have to commit to the company for a number of years. Some employees may see this as a burden, but others will like the job security it necessitates.

“Smarter Drivers…Better Jobs”

Either way, drivers will get excellent training that can help them become better drivers. This might help them avoid some accidents along the way and help ensure they are a quality driver for the long term. Another nice benefit is the CDL Training is performed at truck driving schools that often have an excellent placement service. This means for those who are paying for the training themselves, the job placement services can be used to help land them a truck driving job. This is great because it allows them the potential to start their career more quickly. Also, because there is a high demand for truck drivers, you will have some latitude in helping seek out just the right trucking job you are looking for.


The different things learned in the training can be applied to all trucking jobs as it is general in nature and not tied to any one company. This is helpful in that you will not be limited in your options on what type of companies you would like to work for. Of course, this also means that once you get hired with any one company, you may need to learn some additional training that is unique to that specific company and their driving. However, with the basic learning you get from the truck driving schools, this should be minor training in comparison.

Many drivers also have felt that getting this training helped them gain more confidence as a truck driver. This is an important thing to consider as this confidence can help propel them through the early few months as a driver to the point they become a seasoned professional.

By keeping all these different things in mind, you should have a greater understanding of the importance and benefits of CDL Training. Getting through this training can help get your truck driving career started and help you become a better driver faster.

Indeed Truck Driving Jobs

We surveyed some of the top trucking companies in the United States:

  • Crete Carrier
  • B. Hunt
  • Old Dominion Freight
  • Southeastern Freight Line
  • Arkansas Best

We asked three questions:

  • Exactly what are the top 3 things you search for in a chauffeur?
  • Exactly what are the best ways to make an application for a task in your business?
  • How do chauffeurs go up in the enterprise?

trucking companies that train their driversThe most surprising outcome was how similar the expectations and requirements companies have for truck-driving prospects, as well as the ideas that they have for applicants. Likewise, the responses provided an insight into the values that companies have relating to the people that they hire and use in truck driving positions.

A People-oriented Industry with Many Regulations

North America’s top trucking firms have numerous functions that they broadly hold in common. They deal with chauffeurs with respect; they hire veterans and value the service of veterans to the nation. They are likewise under comparable regulative regimes, so it is sensible perhaps that they are trying to find comparable qualities in chauffeurs. The top of that list is the common-sense desire for safety. Freight distribution and carrying companies have to get the payload to the customer effectively and securely.

All trucking companies desire the very same from driver candidates:

  • Recorded safe driving history
  • Minimum age requirements of between 20 and 23 years
  • No DUIs in the last five years in all cases
  • Inspired to obtain out on the road as an expert driver

Factors that Drive the Trucking Business

Trucking companies have a broad range of issues in their daily business operations, some of which have nothing to do with motorists and others where the trucking team members play an important role. Companies figure out success by the income they make from consumers; that revenue depends on having enough customers who buy items and services at a profit, and when they fulfill customers, truck drivers are the most visible representatives of the brand.

In trucking, that comes down to having enough purchasers that pay to have their items moved from one point to another; the load might be measured by the truckload, by the pallet (think less-than-truckload) or by the bundle. In any case, the client is worried to obtain the right outcome, without losses or mishaps, and at an affordable expense. The one way that motorists affect their employers the most is the value they add by doing their jobs effectively and representing the business positively.
What Do Trucking Companies Need From You?

The trucking companies that accomplish those simple goals get business consistently. So, they require skilled drivers who deal with the job with respect, who comprehend that they are the face of the company when they get to a terminal to pick up or drop off.

Truckers have the tendency to have friendly personalities, however they likewise have to have the characteristics that make them good business representatives as well. That means approaching shipping workplaces with a friendly attitude and having a well-groomed physical appearance.

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